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Incorporated in 2013

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Jul-18-2018 05:22:02 AM
138 Days Online, 8,546+ Members, $5,663,860+ Deposits, $3,928,492+ Paid Outs

Running Days: 138
Total Accounts: 8,846+
Total Deposited: $5,663,860+
Total Withdraw: $3,928,492+

Jun-30-2018 10:37:15 AM
120 Days Online, 8,020+ Members, $4,191,000+ Deposits, $2,045,000+ Paid Outs

Running Days: 120
Total Accounts: 8,020+
Total Deposited: $4,191,000+
Total Withdraw: $2,045,000+

Jun-15-2018 07:40:29 AM
105 Days Online, 7,236+ Members, $3,677,000+ Deposits, $1,532,000+ Paid Outs

Running Days: 105
Total Accounts: 7,236+
Total Deposited: $3,677,000+
Total Withdraw: $1,532,000+

May-31-2018 08:15:35 PM
90 Days online, 6,725+ Investors, $2,540,000+ Deposits and $983,000+ Paid

Running Days: 90
Total Accounts: 6,725+
Total Deposited: $2,540,000+
Total Withdraw: $983,000+

May-11-2018 05:45:30 AM
70 Days Online, 4,350+ Members, $867,000+ Deposits, $307,000+ Paid Outs

Running Days: 70
Total Accounts: 4,350+
Total Deposited: $867,000+
Total Withdraw: $307,000+

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About Us

Incorporated in 2013 and relaunched by new management in February 2018

Finance Power is a money management company offering crypto currencies mining pool and providing global investment opportunities that offer security, stability and impressive financial performance. Our service to investors is based on three main principles: guarantee, stability and no risk. We ensure that investments will generate earnings stable and risk free, and money moves accurately and securely anytime, anywhere. We believe in open and candid communication with clients. After all, clients should know how their investments are being managed.

One of our main goals is to help every our Client to multiply their investments in a fast and easy way. There are hundreds thousands people who want to make money by bitcoin mining but don't know what hardware to buy and how to do. FinancePower is the solution of this problem for worldwide bitcoin miners and investors. There is no need to buy expensive software and pay thousands of dollars to buy bitcoin mining hardware.

Finance Power is offering three different kinds investment plan for different range investors of different mindset. Either you want to get back your principal as soon as possible or you are confident to invest in medium term 60 days plan, we have right solution for your investment needs.

Due to the professionalism of our traders, we always invest your money in the most profitable and reliable companies which level of income and reputation are indisputable. Having the individual approach to every client we always try to multiple their investments as much as possible. That's why we have the certain number of investment programs to choose from. The proven with years trader's formula developed by our traders allows our clients to achieve fantastic incomes in a short time investing less than $100. Our professional consultants are ready to give a FREE consultation and answer your questions on 24/7 basis, that's why every our client can always keep in touch with his investment and the sum of per cents a client gets.

Our Values
FinancePower team consists of professionals of high class. FinancePower values its clients and we do our best to provide quick and efficient technical support and quality service as well as flexible online investment conditions with multiple payment options. All company's services work in the 'one window' mode. Serious investors are provided with the personal assistant upon request.
Customer Service

The best and quickest way to get a prompt answer to your specific question is to use FAQ section. The most common questions are already answered in our FAQ section. In case your answer is not there, please visit contact page for prompt support. You can contact us by ticketing system inside member area, support form and phone. You will get prompte support during business days.


Finance Power aims to offer its clients the best and highest level of online investment services where customers would recommend our service to their peers. Moreoever we also aim to enable small investors to invest their money into big forex/trading market using Finance Power secure and highly managed online investment pool.

Global Reach

With the world's disparate economies increasingly integrating into one global economy, and with the Internet affording more companies the ability to extend their reach overseas, the competitive pressures to establish a global presence and the opportunities that abound therein have taken on great importance. We aim to reach every doorstep globally.


Finance Power opens its online investment services to all online investors round the world. Our dedicated team of researchers, planners and traders is ready to manage your funds to invest in trillions dollars market. Our dedicated team is capable to handle up to 1 million dollars deposit per client.

Our Commitment
We are committed to providing experienced financial services designed to help you pursue your personal financial goals. At Finance Power, we have a profound knowledge management and knowledge sharing culture. The whole of our diverse skills, talents and knowledge is exponentially more than the sum of its parts. We call this "collaborative efficiency". Yet, we encourage our staff to be humble and introspective. They know their limitations, and once they have reached them, they consult others in the know.

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