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  • Site Time :: 2018-05-22 15:16:24
  • Started On :: Mar 2, 2018
  • Running Days :: 81
  • Total Accounts :: 5234
  • Total Deposited :: $1198618.81
  • Today Deposited :: $45214.00
  • Total Withdraw :: $369510.83
  • Today Withdraw :: $5108.28
  • Visitors Online :: 92
  • Last Update :: May 22, 2018

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51 Days online, 3,461 Investors, $647,000+ Deposits and $223,000+ Paid
Updated on : Apr-22-2018 03:56:44 AM
Dear Members,

We are thankful to all loyal members for making Finance Power a successful investment business opportunity. We are best bitcoin investment program paying non-stop for 51 days.

Running Days: 51
Total Accounts: 3,461+
Total Deposited: $647,000+
Total Withdraw: $223,000+

Finance Power is the most trusted and reliable bitcoin investment opportunity. Investors can double or triple their bitcoin in just 12 days. Right now we have 3 investment plans.

Plan 1.) 3.00% – 6.00% Daily For 60 Days (Principal Included)
Plan 2.) 2.25% – 5.00% Daily For 12 Days (Principal Return)
Plan 3.) 200% – 300% After 12 Days (Principal Included)

Plan 1 Example:
Invest $1,001 and earn 4.5% daily return for 60 days. Withdraw earning daily to your e-currency account. You will not get back principal after 60 days. You get back 270% return and 170% is net profit.

Plan 2 Example:
Invest $1,001 and 2.50% daily return for 12 days. Withdraw earning daily to your e-currency account. You will earn 30% net profit and after 12 days you will get back your principal.

Plan 3 Example:
Invest $1,001 and get back ONE TIME 200% return after 12 days. 100% is your profit and 100% is your principal.

20% First Deposit Bonus Offer will Expire on April 30, 2018
As stated from first day (March 6, 2018) when this bonus offer was launched, this bonus offer will expire on April 30, 2018. Now we have enough business and we don’t need to keep this bonus offer to attract new investors.

We may also close 12 Days Plans on April 30, 2018
We are also thinking to close 12 Days plans and only keep 60 days plan that is original plan when Finance Power was launched.

Invest and Real Get Free Offshore Bank Account
Our Free Offshore Bank Account offer is still open for all investors. Invest $10,000+ and get free offshore bank account in Belize, Nevis, Bahamas, Panama or Cyprus. Offshore bank account with Net Banking, ATM Debit Card and Cheque Book with option to trade directly from your bank account. You can transfer your earnings directly to your new offshore bank account without extra cost and save taxes. Contact for more details.

Perfect Money, Payeer, NixMoney, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Dash, ZCoin, ZCash and 300+ Other Altcoins accepted.


TEAM Finance Power
Level 15, The Leadenhall Building,
71 Leadenhall Street, London,
EC3V 4AB, United Kingdom.
Telephone: +44-203-753-7730
2156 Members, $365,000 Deposits, $103,000 Paid During First Month
Updated on : Apr-4-2018 07:31:46 AM
Dear Members,

We are pleased to inform that we have completed our first month and results of first month are very tremendous. We are thankful to our members for making Finance Power a successful bitcoin investment program. Our business has grown at unbelievable speed and we are much satisfied with results.

Members: 2,156
Deposits: $365,000
Paid Out: $103,000

After first 25 days, we have advertised Finance Power in HYIP industry and add few HYIP monitors to ensure new investors that we are paying right on time. You can see our ratings at Rating page.

After observing HYIP industry investment plan trends we also have introduced 2 new plans for HYIP lovers. Now we have 3 investment plans for short and long term investors.

2.25% – 5.00% daily return for 12 calendar days + principal return after 12 days
3.00% – 6.00% daily return for 60 calendar days (principal included in daily returns)
200% – 300% After 12 Calendar Days (One time payment including principal)

Withdrawals are being paid between 1 minute to maximum 12 hours.
NixMoney is added as regular payment method
20% First Deposit bonus is still available till April 30, 2018

We have problem with our Facebook account that’s why we was not able to post updates on Facebook. Sometimes we are able to post and some time not. Please follow our Twitter account, Blog or News page at website for all updates.

If you want custom deals please write us and we will offer you custom deal that matches with your investment needs.

We love our members and please carry on with same investment thrill.


TEAM Finance Power
Level 15, The Leadenhall Building,
71 Leadenhall Street, London,
EC3V 4AB, United Kingdom.
Telephone: +44-203-753-7730
1188 members and $132,000 deposit during first 20 days
Updated on : Mar-22-2018 06:22:41 AM
Dear Members,

We are pleased to send first newsletter to our registered members. We have received tremendous response from investors all over the world. Hundreds investors round the world are making secure returns on their investment. People are taking Finance Power as bitcoin doubler and enjoying doing business at Finance Power. A lot of people told us that they were planning for bitcoin mining setup but now they are enjoying more secure returns as compare to our own bitcoin mining setup.

[First 20 Days Statistics]
Total Accounts :: 1188
Total Deposited :: $132,874
Total Withdraw :: $20,007

[Payment Methods]
Upon request of our members recently we also added NixMoney as regular payment method for deposit and withdrawal. Now we accept Perfect Money, Payeer, NixMoney, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Dogecoin, Bytecoin, Dash, ZCash, ZCoin, Ether, ZenCash and 290+ Altcoins through our payment processor CoinPayments.net

US residents can also deposit by Bank Wire and ACH, contact for more details.

For Paypal, Skrill, Payza, Okpay, Netteller and other currencies contact for more details.

[20% First Deposit Bonus]
20% First Deposit Bonus is also in action and investors are enjoying this great opportunity to enhance their financial assets. Please be informed that this bonus offer will expire on April 30, 2018. After making your first deposit just contact us with your deposit details and we will credit 20% bonus to your Finance Power account.

[Finance Power Income Chart]
Now your dreams can come true and you can go to dream vacations, buy luxury car, have a luxurious kitchen or buy a dream villa. All you have to do is to invest at Finance Power and enjoy steady returns. Please visit Income Chart page for more details.

[Anonymous Offshore Bank Account + ATM Debit Card]
As we have mentioned on our Income Chart page, we are offering our big investors to transfer their earnings directly to anonymous offshore bank account attached with ATM Debit Card. Now they don’t need to be worried about paying taxes on their returns. Simply they can withdraw cash from ATM when they needed. We will move deposit of such investor to custom weekly plan and transfer earnings in anonymous offshore bank account on weekly basis. This offer is available for deposits above $10,000. You don’t need to disclose your identity to open anonymous offshore bank account but you must need to provide name and mailing address to receive parcel directly from bank. We will make arrangement of necessary documentation to open bank account.

So now you can deposit funds by any available payment option as mentioned above and transfer your returns to anonymous offshore bank account.

[Become Country Representative]
You can also become our country representative and enjoy up to 20% additional commission. Please visit Representatives page for more details. All you have to do is to just deposit $1,000 or bring $1,000 deposits of your referrals and then contact us to be listed as official country representative on this page.

[Facebook Account Problem]
Our facebook account is blocked and if our account is not back then we will create new account.

Please write us about your suggestions and recommendations how we can improve our services. We are thankful to all investors for making Finance Power a successful online investment opportunity.



Finance Power

Rise To The Limits

Level 15, The Leadenhall Building, 71 Leadenhall Street,
London, EC3V 4AB, United Kingdom.
Telephone: +44-203-753-7730
Facebook account problem
Updated on : Mar-21-2018 11:51:55 AM
Dear Members,

Please be informed that due to unknown reason our Facebook account is blocked since last 24 hours. We have requested Facebook to unblock our account. If our account is not back then we will create new account in next 1-2 days.


Invest using more than 290 AltCoins
Updated on : Mar-8-2018 05:44:31 AM
Dear Investors,

We are pleased to inform that now you can invest with more than 250 Altcoins through Coinpayments.com API. You have money in any Altcoin but you can invest at FinancePower.

Monero, DogeCoin, ZCash, ZCoin, ZenCash, ByteCoin, Dash, Ether and much more.

After signup, select Bitcoin to deposit funds, then you will be redirected to Coinpayments.com interface from where you can select your Altcoin and transfer funds.

Coinpayment will convert your Altcoin deposit into Bitcoin (we bear fee) and at Finance Power your funds will appear as Bitcoin deposit and you can withdraw back your earning in Bitcoin wallet.

For more details visit http://www.blog.financepower.biz/2018/03/19/we-accept-250-altcoins-for-deposits-monero-dogecoin/

We are bringing great investment features for our clients.

Yours truly,

Finance Power
Finance Power is launched today
Updated on : Mar-2-2018 07:27:17 AM
Dear Investors,

We are very pleased to announce that today on March 2, 2018 our company Finance Power has been launched. Finance power is opened for worldwide investors of all ranges from all countries.

Please don't forget to avail 20% FIRST DEPOSIT BONUS.

Yours truly.

Finance Power

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